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Andreas Mitschke
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

Do you know popmotion?

It is a 12kb lib with physics and input-sensitive animation engine.

Sounds cool...


Andrew Nalband

This looks sweet

Joshua Pekera

This is great, nice share

Nick Kutateli

Has anyone tried getting this working in Framer? It imports easily as a module, but can't figure out how to get popmotion actors to target layers. PopMotion + Framer would be so useful.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

I did ;) I used to do something everyone asks here : transition between 2 colors. It's just a little clunky : you need to create an actor and a tween for each animation ( like another Layer, and then another animation function )

Here's an example :

I am trying to hide the complexity of creating an actor / tween into one simple animation function, will keep you posted :)

Nick Kutateli

Example using the PopMotion physics for a bouncy ball

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