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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

News from Adobe :/


Koen Bok

Pretty excited to see Adobe making big new bets again. Too bad that we have to wait to 2016...

Andrew Nalband

That's legit - definitely a need for designing and prototyping all in one tool. When is the Framer and Sketch merger happening? ;)

Koen Bok

It mostly looks like a Sketch-lite meets InVision. I think that makes sense for them, because that is the biggest prototyping vertical.

Andrew Nalband

I still want a design tool that supports versioning. All good design involves trying a whole bunch of options - why isn't this a thing?

Koen Bok

You have a lot of options right? With Framer you can use from Dropbox + Packrat to Git + GitHub and everything in between.

Koen Bok

Obviously it would be awesome to have something directly in Framer Studio (on top of Git) but I built a versioning app before ( and it's hard to get right, so we'll be focusing on some other things first.

Koen Bok

I also recently ran into this, and I'm pretty interested in were they're taking it:

Josef Richter

"...with the quality and stability that you expect from Adobe" โ€“ so it's gonna be shit, crashing 10 times a day, right?

Koen Bok

Josef that almost seems like a sneer at Sketch. But I think everyone still prefers a shipping app over an announcement, so Sketch is still ahead by a lot.

Carlos Santiago

To me, even the UI looks like taken out of sketch. Notice the align icons ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Hoan Do

you guys are using Mac. They have all of Windows users ;)

Mohammed Elagouz

this looks more like than sketch

Josh Aronoff


Carlos Santiago

Let's just wait and see what they come up with, so far, ditto with above

Ed Monterrubio


Comรฉst Savatino

Adobe you burned me once. Never again.

David Politi

Three years too late

Andreas Mitschke

Hmm, seems like inVision per functionality. So just for basic task-flows.

Invision is a really nice collaboration environment as also easy to share, I doubt this will be close to that experience.

as Comรฉst Savatino said, I also burned my fingers with Edge and multiple other small tools.

Andreas Mitschke

Found some more info about it:

I didn't follow Adobe's keynotes,but with the additional info this looks a bit more than inVision.

Seems interesting now...

Chad Lonberger

Some nice discussion in here ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Emanuele Livi

We have to wait for a preview early 2016. The project it looks awesome but too far from nowadays

Jihoon Suh


Pq Stinson

it looks ike a lot as 'Principle app'

Tom Krcha

Hey guys, I am the product manager for Project Comet. We want to build the tailored tool for your everyday needs so to speed up your design process and help you iterate faster on your designs. We are listening, and very curious about what can make your workflows faster and better. We architected everything from the ground up to sustain big projects, but also focus on detail. Let's talk about things. Ping me on Twitter @tomkrcha anytime.

Emanuele Livi

Sure Tom I can't wait for this software coming out

Paul Holliday
Brooks Hassig

This is great news, IMO, Giovanni. Adobe is stepping their game up. Sketch filled a gap left between Photoshop and Illustrator, and I'm happy to see Adobe responding. No other design tools are as robust and stable as their's, in my experience. I'm tired of a fast, but buggy Sketch. Bring us the good stuff, Tom Krcha.

Zack Scriven

Why is this posted with a :/ face? Competition is good, Elon musk is encouraging Apple to develop an electric car. The whole industry benefits together.

Arron J Hunt

I played with it a while...not that great. The marketing and video on the website look impressive but the actual product feels hacked together and cumbersome...not a fan :(

German Bauer

The biggest thing about Sketch, honestly, is the community around it the openess to making it a platform for plugins that everybody can write, to fill all the gaps and niche customizations. Adobe by comparison has a terrible history of building scripts APIs, and responding timely to requests to enhance. Just take a look at how convoluted and terrible the experience is of writing customs scripts for photoshop.

Marc Krenn

Just watched their Max2015 presentation and I actually liked what I saw - it's a pretty neat combination of Sketch and InVision.

Too bad I'm done with Adobe products.

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