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Diego Oriani
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

Question, can I embed typefaces on my prototypes?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Sure. You want to use the typical CSS method.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Unless you're doing google fonts then it becomes a bit easier.

Diego Oriani

Let me know both please ;-D

Jordan Robert Dobson

I believe the google method can be searched in this group.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Almost. There...

Jordan Robert Dobson - Here you go... I stripped down and rebuilt some of my own code I use on projects.

I can definitely improve on this as I use it and need more features. :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, here is the module file:

Diego Oriani

Jordan Robert Dobson Sweet dude. I thank you!

Marc Krenn

Here's my rather primitive way ;) of using custom fonts, withou... pardon me... sans Jordan's module magic:

(also includes an example of how can use multiple fonts on the same layer)

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