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Naema Baskanderi
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

I have a silly question. I am wondering what is the difference between visible and opacity. I understand opacity can be set to different values. .5, etc...but I'm wondering if opacity = 0 is the same as visible = false

I am hoping that visible = false will also hide event clicks on that layer


Andrew Nalband

You are correct, visible = false will not detect events on the layer, but opacity = 0 will

Koen Bok

You can always manually ignore events on a layer by doing layer.ignoreEvents = true | false

Jordan Robert Dobson

The main difference is if the element is actually "rendered" and available on screen.

With opacity at 0 it's still technically there and acts just as if it was at an opacity of 1. That includes all the events too.

With visible it's more of a true / false type of thing. It's either visible on screen or its completely removed along with its events.

But I think you could potentially fall into some rendering blips if you use visible a lot as it has to remove the render and redraw to add it back I believe. So using ignoreEvents like Koen says along with opacity is probably your best bet.

Marc Krenn

Are there any technical differences between 'backgroundColor: "transparent"' and 'opacity: 0'?

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