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Harsha Vardhan R
Posted Oct 08 - Read on Facebook

hey guys, any update to framer studio for the new OSX el capitan. It crashes quite a bit.


Harsha Vardhan R

Thanks Harsha Halvi

Dave Crow

I'm on version 1.14.9 and still seeing quite a few crashes in El Capitan.

Arron J Hunt

Can confirm, Version 1.14.9 (2172) results in at least 1-2 crashes per day

Dennis Kerzig

Same for me

Koen Bok

We're prepping a new build with a load of fixes, hang tight.

Koen Bok

The reason why this is taking longer than normal is that we use quite a bit of Swift and had to upgrade to 2.0, which touched a lot of code that we now have to get stable again. On top of that, things built on 10.11 don't seem to behave well on 10.10. But we'll figure it out in days, not weeks.

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