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Ben Blumenfeld
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

Ben here from Designer Fund (we work with Koen/Jorn on Framer) For those of you looking to apply your prototyping skills to huge products/startups like Dropbox, Medium, Fitbit, etc. - we want to make you aware of Bridge - our professional development program for experienced designers in SF.

We'll connect you with top startups here in the bay area and you get to participate in our intimate professional development program that includes prototyping/product design as well as the skills/knowledge top designers need to be leaders at their companies: collaboration techniques, effective communication, future trends, etc.

I think folks in this group are especially suited for this opportunity so I'm happy to answer any questions you have here.
– Ben



Couldn't recommend this program more highly. At Dropbox we were lucky to partner with Bridge for the first few sessions and discovered some terrific people in the process. This is a great resource for ambitious designers.

Kris Wan

How about the young and uninitiated? :)

Rhys Merritt

Is there anything like this around London? It sounds incredible..

Ben Blumenfeld

Kris Wan - we've had a few young guns that are super talented participate so i'd encourage throwing your hat in the ring. Rhys Merritt - not that we've seen. Can relocate for a bit ;)

Rhys Merritt

I'd move in a heartbeat if I could afford it 🚀 and if my girlfriend didn't have a shit-fit about it 😅

Ben Blumenfeld

Rhys Merritt - you can afford it as companies will pay you a lovely salary :) not sure about your GF though.

Jeff French

Hey Ben - I'm really interested in the Bridge program but still don't entirely understand what type of engagement it is. It sounds like Bridge helps to place select applicants with these companies for limited-period(?) work stints. The Bridge structured events and mentoring relationships sound incredibly appealing, but can you elaborate on how it's otherwise different from applying to roles directly with these companies? Does Designerfund screen applicants and then connect them with appropriate companies, or do the companies themselves review applicants directly? So many more questions, but it sounds like a great program!

Josh Peters

You express interest in the companies you might want to work for and interested parties get back to you.

Koen Bok

Same as Soleio. If you're looking to break through as a product designer, join this program. Apart from working with top tech companies, you'll both learn, and will be able to show off your interactive design skills. These guys get it.

Randi Dumaguet

Ohhh man... I was in the US for three months from June 12 to September 15. Too bad I can't join. Is this an annual event? I can plan my visit next year around that time?

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

I been wanting to join Bridge for a while but still working in improving my skills. Hopefully next year :)

Rafael Conde

Bridge looks like a great initiative, applied once again this year 👍

Ed Lea

Highly recommend Bridge. I took part last year and learnt a huge amount. I'd be happy to chat to anyone about my experience if you're considering applying. Email me at [email protected]

Damián Hernández

Visa sponsorship? I'm from Mexico.

Ben Blumenfeld

Jeff French - yeah basically there are two parts to Bridge - 1. connecting you to one of our great partners to be a full time employee or contractor and 2. the professional development program that lasts for 3 months from Jan - April.

The way connecting you works is you apply, we help the companies assess designers, and then you go through a standard interview process. If hired as a full-time employee or contractor you can then do the professional development program. Hope that helps!

Joshua Pekera

This awesome. About to move to San Francisco. I would love to look into this once I get settled out there.

Ben Blumenfeld

Joshua Pekera - applications will be open for another couple of weeks so i'd recommend applying now to get the process started :)

Marc Krenn

Wow, Bridge sounds like a really cool program and it might very well be exactly what I need to kickstart my career! :)

There are, however, three remaining questions I’d like to ask before applying:

* Are there any known legal hiccups for (EU) foreigners (Visa, payment of income taxes, etc.)? Will Bridge or your partners help with legal stuff like that?

* What about accommodation? I’ve heard some, let’s say, slightly discouraging news about SF’s real estate market lately. I know some companies like Apple provide cheap-ish dorm rooms for their interns - what about Bridge and its partners?

* Bridge 5 starts mid January, right? Do you eventually have a more concrete, tentative date than that? (Thing is, our semester ends around mid January and that’s when we’ll take most of our exams. I’d pretty much waste a whole semester if I couldn’t take those.)

EDIT: * Is Brigde an annual program? Does it always start around January?

Thanks, Ben! :)

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