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Dan Clarke
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, looking for some advice. I want to create a circular progress bar. I.e. A dark blue circle outline that progressively gets coloured a lighter blue. What's the best way to dynamically draw this? easy on a straight line but not sure how to do it along a circular path



Dennis Kerzig

I am not sure if I exactly understood your intention. However, this is a simple SVG stroke animation, maybe it helps :)

Dan Clarke

thanks Dennis, this looks like pretty much what I want to do. I'll get back with my version when it's done :)

Michael Bing

When i download this, i only get blank canvas?

Dan Clarke

Open it from Framer in mirror view on your browser.

Presumably Framer does not support previewing SVG animations so you have to run it in your browser

Michael Bing

ah ok, yes that was it ;) Thanks

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