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Kim Does
Posted Oct 07 - Read on Facebook

I'm having an issue with my prototype looking very blurry in the browser on non-retina screens. This is not just images but also text rendered as html.

The resolution of the assets is high so it looks good on devices. Framer Studio looks OK (it looks like anti aliasing is disabled, making everything a bit pixely though).

Any ideas / thoughts on how to make this better?


Koen Bok

Hey Kim! We scale images on the GPU, but the used algorithm differs a bit across browsers (Safari/Chrome), devices, and screen resolutions. Unfortunately there is no real way to influence this. Another thing that can make a big difference is the exact position on the screen, in this example the device is centered so the heart might end up being at .2 pixel.

That said, if you could share your project I'd love to check it a bit further.

Koen Bok

Oh there are also some advanced css features you could play with to see if that helps:

Kim Does

Bedankt voor de tips! Zal kijkend ik er nog wat tijd aan kan besteden.

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