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Nir Benita
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook


Jonas Treub

You can use a CSS filter. Somebody once posted an example not sure where to find it. This might help though:

Nick Bewley

Played with it a while back: Not all colors / browsers seem to be applicable as this is a visual illusion as explained here: I commented the code with the references to different methods and the applicable research. Open in Studio, search FB group for shape blobbing or shape morphing for other examples.

Arron J Hunt

I built this a while ago, you can explore the code

Arron J Hunt

(for some reason its not working for me in chrome. try safari)

Antonio Krämer Fernandez
Jordan Robert Dobson

Something like this?

Thanks to Aaron for the code to get started.

Andreas Mitschke

These all don't work in chrome. SVG filters are very fragile to say the least. CSS filters are even worse.

I use goo as well, but in a more solid way. It is open for debate if something that will not be rendered sufficiently across at least modern browsers is something we should pursue for now.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It all depends the platform you're aiming for.

Andrew Nalband

Damn, these are awesome

Calvin Wilson

Trippy. Very cool.

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