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Arron J Hunt
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook

Playing with Force Touch on the iPhone6S and one of the default Framer projects. Thanks George for spending so much time working on it.

So who is going to build a force touch module? ;)


Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm not sure you really need a module. All the info is just right there.

Arron J Hunt

Jordan it's about 12 lines of code, not too bad. It would be awesome to have a "change:force" event listener though :)

Arron J Hunt

Definitely not the best code and hardcoded for iPhone6

Jordan Robert Dobson

Okay. I'm on it. ;)

Daniel Tarazona

Is much better have a "change:Jedi or change:Sith"

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here is your module Arron J Hunt

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