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George Kedenburg III
Posted Jun 18 - Read on Facebook

=== 3d touch v2 ===

the reason i chose a doodle app for the first demo was because i was having latency issues polling the changes in force pressure... webkit normally only updates the "touchmove" event when the touch is actually moving (i.e. dragging). the doodle app forces you to move your finger, so problem solved initially.

in order to recreate the app icon pop action, i needed to figure out a way around that so you get realtime force updates without having to move your finger.

edit: heres the code ( i think i commented it pretty thoroughly but lmk if you have ?s


George Kedenburg III

watch the video in HD for best results

George Kedenburg III

also some notes: like the other example this doesnt work when you add a prototype to your homescreen, but unfortunately it also doesnt perform well in Frameless either. so for right now, this kind of effect is only achievable running inside safari

Sean Kelley

pretty sweet

George Kedenburg III

code added to the post!

Rhys Merritt

Really really cool stuff mate! I am excited to take this to the guys at work and try recreate this ourselves :) thanks for sharing!!

Giovanni Caruso

anyone having problems with the link?

Jason Valenti

Rad man. Thanks for adding the code!

Fran Pérez

Brilliant: useTheForce(force)

Edward Sanchez

Isn't working for me on the latest Framer

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