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Arron J Hunt
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Framer Studio for iPad anyone? Add a bluetooth keyboard for full screen real-estate, instantly touch and interact with the preview natively, sync projects with Framer Studio for mac over iCloud.


Arron J Hunt

Note: To avoid confusion, this is just a mockup of what Framer for iPad could look like.

Andrew Nalband


Rohan K


Damián Hernández

Yes please!

Jarriel Henderson

you sir, are a visionary !!!

Ray Yip

What if...

David Politi


Chris Chen

Joshua Asokanthan

Could this not be done already with a VNC connection to a mac running framer studio? I'd test it, but I don't have an iPad


#NeedNow or on iPad pro!

Arron J Hunt

Joshua Most definitely. However it isn't as smooth and requires you to be remoting into another computer. Having a native app would be a much richer experience.

Michael Dorian Bach

Yes please

Josh Ackerman

You beat me to posting this... Nice execution though.

Craig Stanspliff

Framer studio for PC even!

Narek Khachatryan

I think i want an ipad now

Pietro Schirano

If you use Duet Display you can get pretty much a similar result!

Andrew Pouliot

The advantage over a Mac is size? If you use a Bluetooth keyboard, it seems like more pieces to try to fit on the desk.

Affan K


Arron J Hunt

Andrew You wouldn't be tethered to a desktop. I only have an iMac so I can't prototype on the go

Andrew Pouliot

OK, but you could also get a Macbook instead of an iPad…

Arron J Hunt

Andrew it just gives people options and gets a great tool into the hands of more people. Many people have iPads and PCs meaning they can now use framer when they couldn't before. Plus I already have an iPad myself so I don't need to go buy a MBP just for Framer

Andrew Nalband

Wouldn't the point of this be that you could immediately touch your prototypes?

Leeves Chou

really?how much about it on iPad?

Ban Nguyen


Baibin Sun

Victor Santos


Jordan Robert Dobson

I think this is almost possible using something like coda on iPad along with split view. With Coda you can pull in files to a "site" and it reloads on every save.

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