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Peter Lada
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

This has probably been asked, but sometimes when viewing a project through Frameless the `Screen.width` or `Screen.height` values are incorrect. Is there a fix/workaround for this?


Joshua Tucker

Hey Peter! I presume you are on iOS 9? It's a known issue with iOS 9 – it's related to how the device displays its width and height values. Jay Stakelon can shed more light on it as he has come up with a solution with Mike Feldstein I believe, but it's not released yet.

Peter Lada

Yep, ios9. Okay thanks I'll wait to hear more

Jay Stakelon

Fix is in App Store review!

John Anthony Evans

I assume it's still there :)

Peter Lada

Mm I haven't checked yet. Let me check and report back in a bit, thanks!

Jay Stakelon

It's stillllllllll therrrrrrrre

Peter Lada

Boop. Still getting the same issue in 9.0.1 :(

Jordan Robert Dobson

9.0.2 is out now too.

Mike Feldstein

Here's some chatter about the breaking change from a webkit dev: Sounds like apple added some non-standard stuff to make certain sites work correctly or something... I'd love to know the rationale.

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