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Kyungsik Yoon
Posted Jul 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi, Framers. I am trying to build a prototype that simulates a instant messenger. Is there a way to have framer prototypes on 2 devices talk to each other via BT or WiFi or other means? Thanks in advance


Alan Dickinson

I haven't done anything like this with Framer (hopefully you hear from someone who has), but check out the Meteor javascript platform as well. It pushes updates down to all connected clients out of the box, which is ideal for a chat application. You could probably use it behind a framer prototype with a little work if you wanted.

Kyungsik Yoon

Thanks Alan, I will check it out the platform you suggested~

Chad Lonberger

Cake w/ Parse or Firebase

Kevin Cannon

You could run NodeJS & The setup is a bit fiddly, but once you have that working, pretty easy.

Marc Krenn


Keith Lang

What was your eventual solution?

Kyungsik Yoon

Unfortunately, did not get to use any of the suggested solutions due to time constraint. I asked around and some people also recommended the NodeJS and

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yep I've seen Callil demo this. Everyone at the meetup was chatting with each other.

Mike Hughes

Firebase the super easy option.

Keith Lang

Firebase does seem super cool. For my example though, I need to talk to a websocket-speaking device directly.. Anyone care to share a Framer doc that's worked for them?

Keith Lang

OK. I worked it out.. will post solution once I really understand it.

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