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Rene D'Cree
Posted Dec 19 - Read on Facebook

Doubt: Sketch and Framer

I have moved ahead with building screens in the default resolution that is provided in Sketch - i.e. - with a width of 360 for MaterialDesign>>MobilePortrait.

Now I have realized that the phone I would be doing the mirroring on in FramerStudio is a screen with a width just double - that is - 720px.

Problem: While mirroring with FramerStudio, the actual resolution of the assets is maintained on the phone screen, so they don't occupy all the screen space on the phone.

How to proceed?
planA: either reiterate all the screens, making new assets for a screen width of 720, then use this sketch file to import assets in FramerStudio and proceed accordingly.

planB: Investigate whether there is some provision in FramerStudio to make this expansion of assets to occupy entire screen area.

planC: continue working in w = 360px sketch file. But then export the assets as 2X pngs, so the width would match up, as 360*2 = 720. Catch: LayerImport wouldn't work here because 1) there might not be a way to cause the import to blow up the assets to adapt to a different screen size and 2) the plan is to string up all the assets separately from code itself, not via import because of this:


Marko Kršul

Before going to framer, select all artboards and hit "scale" (edit > scale > 200% or whatever) and then go to framer import.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Lauren Nielsen

Koen Bok

We're preparing a release to sort this out. You can try it in the latest beta:

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