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Laura Galbraith
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Wanted to just say to everyone, thank you SO MUCH for your help! This forum has been a great resource for me and many others!!! I am learning so much more quickly than just by myself!

Question about the Utils.delay and resetDefaults thing... trying to reset a timer I've added to the opacity of a few layers... multiple clicks are causing some unexpected behavior... Anyway, this isn't working... what would be the correct implementation?


Jordan Robert Dobson
Laura Galbraith

Jordan Robert Dobson thanks again for your help! So i tried implementing so that it restarts every time the user interacts with the a layer, but in the instance that I'm using it, it only works once. I think i might be missing something in my code, could you take a look? I am trying to get the timer to auto reset every time the user interacts with the layer so that the action won't occur until 5 seconds after the last interaction with the layer...

Bart Baekelandt

Exactly what I needed! Jordan Robert Dobson

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