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Patrick Keenan
Posted Sep 17 - Read on Facebook

## Support for working at 1x
Is there going to be support for working at 1x in sketch but also using device frames. Right now I've been painfully replacing assets in framer, then creating an S variable and multiplying it by all units I use so for nexus 5:

S = 3
toolbar.height = 64*S
then just S = 2 for iPhone 6

I imagine working across devices is a common thing, as well as working at 1x in sketch files. The other side to this problem is importing sketch files. I would have to upscale all my artboards to 2x or 3x which is way more worki than just making the whole thing in HTML.

Any thoughts or plans for this support?


Metin Saray

Hahah sorry, i should have seen that post i guess. (:

Julius Tarng

It's pretty easy to scale things in sketch x2 if you just use the actual Scale action (search in menubar if it's not in your toolbar) by 200% - takes like 1 second

Patrick Keenan

This is an awesome work around thanks Juilus

Metin Saray

Julius Tarng Hey this works like how i wanted. It's such a small feature, i never gave it a try actually. It even scaled the border widths as i wanted. Thanks!

Julius Tarng

I mapped it to ctrl s in keyboard settings in system preferences

Jordan Robert Dobson

Why ignore the details you get at 2x or 3x? How do you define a hairline rule? Or other minute details?

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