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Rohan K
Posted Sep 15 - Read on Facebook

So I have what is probably a very simple question :
I have created multiple layers with an icon image. Each layer is created dynamically but named uniquely by appending a counter to the layer name. When the icon image is tapped, an overlay action sheet with a notify button slides up. When notify is tapped, action sheet exits, the tapped icon disappears and the icon's parent layer moves right by 50px. The parent layer is also created dynamically and named with the same counter. How do I set up the event for this? This what I have tried so far... (spoiler alert: it doesn't work)


Jordan Robert Dobson

There are more arguments being passed to TouchStart. Try (e,target,foo,bar,bat) instead. Print them out. See what you get. :)

Rohan K

ha! that was easy! i feel like a little bit of an idiot now :P

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