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Will Simons
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

Beginners question... but how do I reverse the direction of a rotating object?

At the moment, my code looks like this:

Utils.interval 0, ->
rotationZ: hands.rotationZ + 60

How do I get the layer to rotate in an anti-clockwise direction?

Cheers. And thanks.


Andreas Wahlström

Try -60, instead :)

Will Simons

Thanks, Andreas. I tried that but it crashed the app, repeatedly. Specifically, whenever I changed from plus to minus, the app would freeze and then crash. One for the Framer team, I guess.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Will Simons - is there a specific reason you're wrapping the animate method within an Interval?

In any case - could you send the crash report to [email protected]? :-)

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