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Siavash Shabanipour
Posted Sep 14 - Read on Facebook

I really like the idea of Sketch importing, however I find that I have to do quite a bit of house keeping on my Sketch file to get it ready for importing. I think the biggest issue for me is that the importer grabs every group and imports it as a separate layer. It would be great to be able to tell Framer Studio which groups you want to import. For example adding curly brackets around groups you want as a layer. In the case of a parent group I would imagine it would flatten everything inside the group unless you have curly brackets around the sub groups. Not sure if this is the most elegant solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how they get around this, other than ungrouping sub groups and regrouping as a single group.


Koen Bok

Were working to flatten layer groups with a * suffix for the next release.

Siavash Shabanipour


Andy Cetnarskyj

Cant wait

Noah Tsutsui

Off the topic, layer group auto-completion in the latest version is a BIG step up. Koen, you guys killed it on that.

Amy Casillas

Being able to flatten would be a huge help. Also, right now all text in sketch needs to be in a group or it doesn't appear, so if you could address that it would be helpful. I usually get files from designers and have to go through and change their entire layer structure to make it work correctly.

Koen Bok

Also, nice #protip:

Siavash Shabanipour

Nice tip. Someone had a code snippet that turned all your Sketch layers into globals. It may have been in the examples but I'm yet to find it.

Koen Bok

So the reason why we can't do this by default is that it can break everything. For example if you would call a layer "window" it would replace the JavaScript window object and you would get the most unexpected errors. Apart from "window" there are hundreds of objects in the global scope, many with very generic names.

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