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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Nov 14 - Read on Facebook

INBOX Scroll + Swipe + More


Here's some code I shared at the Framer JS Seattle Meetup 04 yesterday! I mentored the advanced and intermediate group talking about code structure, using / adding modules, creating classes, drawing with CSS, dealing with varied pixel densities, directionLock, collecting sublayers as properties of a superLayer and using the new custom property on layers.

The features in this demo include:

• Swipe left only
• Blocking right swipe
• Cell removal from list
• Click status bar to scroll to top
• Shy navigation bar
• Adding a confirm for frameless in case you don't have it Jay. ;)
• Mousedown cursor state change via cursor module
• And a few others... see if you can find them.

I hope you find this useful and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

In the near future I'll post this and a few other updates to




Văn Công Bằng

Would you mind sharing about working with varied pixel densities

Koen Bok

Really neat!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm also base64 encoding images in the status bar now to make the module easier to move around without bringing images along too!

Nando Rossi

Jordan Robert Dobson could you put just the nav show/hide part in a file? I'm not a dev and having trouble understanding how it works. Need something like this for a proto

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