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Marc Krenn
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey framer community,

I’ve just uploaded my first three modules to github and I’d like to share them with you. Now, while their functionalities are all pretty basic, I hope some of you may find them helpful anyway:

* ‚degrees‘ calculates the angle in degrees of either two points or between the current and the start position of a draggable layer. Git:

* ‚distance‘ does the same for - well, you guessed it - distance. Git:

* ‚constrainToCircle‘ enables dragging for a layer and constrains its movement to a circle. Git:

And I’ve created a project showcasing the combined use of these three modules:

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


Jordan Robert Dobson

It's great stuff... I'm definitely going to use this for my directional pad for this prototype:

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, these look fantastic! Thanks for sharing! 😊

Winthan Aung

Am I the only one seeing a tit :)? it looks cool btw!

Johannes Eckert

yes! Awesome.

Jorn van Dijk

This is awesome!

Isaac Weinhausen

Looks great!

Nick Sturkenbaum

this is near genius, wonderful concept!

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