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Amy Casillas
Posted Aug 08 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to change the background color of the Framer Studio text editor? I'm in a bright room, and it's very difficult to read the code on black.


Edwin Van Rijkom

Hi Amy! Good to see you in this group :-)

I'm afraid that the background color isn't customisable at this point. A lot of care is taken to have all the colors used in the editor make for a coherent design, so we'll like not offer custom color selection. I could imagine that we might introduce a "light" theme at some point, though.

Amy Casillas

Hi Edwin! Thanks for the response. I thought that was the case since I couldn't find any sort of editor preferences, but I wanted to check. At least one other theme would be very handy because I can't even see the gray comments on the black when in a bright room.

Shawn Elson

This is a bit overkill, but you can use the Mac Accessibility settings for inverting colors (Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts/Accessibility/Invert Colors then CTRL+SHIFT+CMD+8 to toggle) . You'l have to flip between inversion to see your proto correctly, but maybe it'll help reading text.

Travis Rogers

+ 1 for a light theme in Studio. I was working in a sunny room this weekend on my mac laptop and couldn't see the black cursor in the editor which is barely visible even when the lighting conditions are balanced. I kept having to move the mouse rapidly to get the pointer to enlarge.

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