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Jason Ogle
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framily, is there a way to scale your prototype to support different phone resolutions?


Lee Jungyoung

I usually make wrapper for control that. If your design's width is 640, wrapper.scale = Screen.width/640

Jordan Robert Dobson

Most definitely.

Jordan Robert Dobson

How are you trying to do it? Initial setup or after the fact.

Jordan Robert Dobson

So there is a value for resolution. Utils.devicePixelRatio() that will give you the pixel depth.

So then say @ 1x you want a navbar that is 44px high. You multiply that times the DPR.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's a sample of this I shared last night:

Jeff B. Léonard

Jason Ogle - check this out, not sure if it will help you, but the pieces can fit into your puzzle somewhere...

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