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Vivian Cromwell
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

I know this has come up before. But I am curious to know those who have used both framerjs as well as the new flinto for mac for in screen micro transitions. It seems Flinto for Mac does a fine job for non-programmer, just wondering if you can do more with framerjs if you have a programming background.



Siavash Shabanipour

I have tried most other prototyping tools and I usually hit a wall with all of them. Everyday I'm surprised by the things made in Framer. Having said that if you want to do simple a to b type transitions then Flinto, Pixate etc are probably faster.

Vivian Cromwell

I have an engineering background so using framerjs is not an issue. As you mentioned, there are so many new tools out there, I tired a bunch and hit a wall as you said. Flinto does a fine job with quick screen to screen interaction, but for in screen transition, I am looking for a more powerful tool that I can stick with for long. thanks!

Siavash Shabanipour

Personally I'm putting all my eggs into the Framer basket. I know I can do things faster with other tools but I'm starting to see more Sketch plugins, modules etc built for Framer that are filling in the gaps.

Ola Laurin

My tip is regarding each as a tool. InVision is great for flows, Framer for fine tuning and Principle for sketching quickly. Know their strengths and use them accordingly.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I woudl say Framer is great for flows too... It's pretty painless with the right tools.

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