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Robert van Klinken
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Icons on Apple TV are going to be great. Couldn't help myself to recreate the settings icon in Framer.


Jordan Robert Dobson

very nice!

Taurean Bryant

Should the outermost circle move independently from the rectangle container? I think its supposed to be a hole.

Chris Camargo

Gotta get that shine going, too!

Robert van Klinken

Taurean Bryant Thought the same thing at first, but it doesn't really behave like a hole in Apple's video.

Ola Laurin
Mohammed Morsi

Robert van Klinken awesome

Dan Clarke

great stuff!

Claudio Guglieri Lillo

Robert van Klinken Awesome! But you are missing the most important thing in here, where is the GLOW?? no glow no party.

Jonas Treub

Rebound ;)

Brooks Hassig


Jordan Robert Dobson

I love how this is one upping material.

Claudio Guglieri Lillo

Now we can party! Glow added.

Jason Teunissen

would be cool to see how it would look with a whole bunch of em :D

Rich Zarick

cool stuff - but it got me thinking that you might to do it in 3D space to try out other environmental elements... gets very fire-phone esque when hooked up the accelerometer but I can reattach it if this goes over well:

Pranjal Kumar Singh

Doesn't work because of the aspect ratio of the outer rectangle. From a distance it resembles the form factor of a camera.

Tomáš Kafka

I sooo wanted to click it but nothing happened - fixed :).

Jordan Robert Dobson

This is pretty awesome as well!

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