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Arvi Raquel-Santos
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

I know this has been asked before but couldn't find anything when I searched. Is there anything that I can give to my engineers in terms of code so that they have a starting point when they begin building what I have prototyped?


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would say you give them your Framer code... you'll probably want to walk through it with them.

Koen Bok

Yeah a prototype is a pretty nice spec for most engineers.

Gabriel Lovato

I usually send out the prototype + a doc with the basic animation info for each element, something kind of like this :
Button 1
y : from 320 to 0
opacity : from 0 to 1
And then timing/curve/spring depends on the platform (in my case Android engineers like bezier-curves, iOS ones kind of eyeball it with the damping/force and then we work together for the fine-tuning)

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