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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

In the past few months we’ve worked with Jay Stakelon to create a set of 5 tutorial videos. Today, we’re launching them to our new channel on YouTube. These videos are a great place to start learning Framer. The first video gives you an overview of what Framer Studio is all about. The other 4 explain step by step how to create common iOS interactions. We think you’ll love the clarity and depth these bring to prototyping with Framer.


Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks Jay Stakelon! These are fantastic. :-)

Jorn van Dijk

Big thanks to you, Jay!

Calvin Wilson

Jay Stakelon 😎 Rad!!

Ed Lea

This is great!

Damián Hernández

Thank you guys.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Josh Rule - check these out. #framerCode

Stephen Crowley

Awesome! We are going to plug these tonight. Nice work Jay Stakelon.

Jay Stakelon

Thanks everyone! These were a blast to make. I'd love to hear how you find them.

Josh Rule

great tutorials! ...but next time grab a pop filter Jay Stakelon!

Son Dang

this helps me a lot, many thanks

Robin van Wijngaarden

Nice! Great voice you have. You could annotate the exampleproject URL inside the YouTube video, so it would be clickable (instead of typing it in).

Jacky Lee

Chris Greeff check these out!

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