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David Lee
Posted Sep 09 - Read on Facebook

As soon as I updated the latest version, it produces error saying "Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined", which worked well before. It seems like it has a problem with pp["song#{i}"] syntax. Can anyone help?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Can you try only two dots instead of three and see if that works? I'd imagine maybe you're asking for one too many of the objects.

I can't recall which is fewer ... or ..

David Lee

Jordan Robert Dobson It didn't work.. I just made a workaround like this. Things got more complicated but it works for now.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Weird. Yeah that's an odd bug.

Koen Bok

I think our inferencer might choke on ... We will look into it.

Edwin Van Rijkom

Good catch David! Was indeed a type inferencer hick-up: next release will have this fixed.

David Lee

Edwin Van Rijkom Thanks! Hope it'd be resolved soon!

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