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Jesse Brack
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, has anyone experienced click/touch event fickleness inside a scroll component when testing on an actual device (in my case a Galaxy S5)?
Specifically, when you have a conditional that prevents things from happening when scrolling is active to prevent unwanted actions when someone is scrolling with their finger but unfortunately the scroll event almost always fires whenever you tap the screen which makes click/touch events not reliable in this scenario. Even the demo example has problems registering a click/touch event on a real device.


Kyungsik Yoon

Yes, I had a same problem with my prototype. It had a scroll component and clickable components within it. (I even tried to make those components draggable - impossible). On PC, click does not move the scroll component so it kinda works but on mobile with your finger, it doesn't. I wish there is a way around this...

Nikolay Berezovskiy

Hi guys. Did you find a solution?

Jordan Robert Dobson
Jordan Robert Dobson

I posted a tip on there about this that might help.

Chris Aga

You are a god among men Jordan Robert Dobson

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