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Jiaxin Chen
Posted Feb 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey framers, I want to use real data in my prototype, so I google for the examples, but there's nothing I can found. So, what will you consult when you want use real data?


Kunal Bodke

It's been a while - Parse is out of the picture now. Do you guys know if we can do something with Firebase or Google Spreadsheets?

Stephen Crowley

Kunal, search "firebase" and "google spreadsheets" in the group search. A lot of posts with examples/modules

Kunal Bodke

Oh yeah. Did not realize it under you said it. Came to this post by Google Search.

Stephen Crowley

Kunal - no problem! Feel free to ask questions on the posts themselves if you get stuck- someone should be able to help out.

Jon Madison

Keep in mind that framer is coffeescript, which itself is a dialect of JavaScript. Anything you can do there you can do here.

The trick is to turn whatever data need into JSON which is possible with both google sheets and firebase!

Arron J Hunt

What do you mean by real data?

Arron J Hunt

If you're using an API there's an AJAX module you can try

Jake Blakeley

Don't know the extent of what you need, but this may be helpful

Chris Chen

has anyone try Framer with mongoDB ? It would be cool if not too difficult to implement it :)

Chris Chen

Arron J Hunt, Thank you for your suggestion~~ AJAX works fine for me :)

Nick Mangos

I'm using Parse at the moment to spoof a backend. George's guide + the docs is a great way to get started.

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