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Jiaxin Chen
Posted Sep 06 - Read on Facebook

I tried so many times, but it just doesn't appear:


Anton Jarl

What about index?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Chen Acmenyz - if trying to make it appear using the index property or the .bringToFront() method doesn't work either, you can check & change its superLayer. For example, here's a little trick to ensure it gets placed on top of your imported content:

layerA.superLayer = Framer.Device.screen

Jiaxin Chen

Anton Jarl Benjamin Den Boer thanks guys, but the problem is the layer I try to appear is the top layer now... I review my code, just cannot inspect where is going wrong, the Y position of the layer I want to show should be 240. (sorry for my poor English)

Anton Jarl

So it says it at y:240 but it looks like it's still at y:1776? Have you tried removing the spring animation? Just to reduce the number of things that can go wrong I mean...

Jiaxin Chen

Anton Jarl Yes, that's what I mean. I tried removing the animation, it doesn't work... but thanks Anton.

Frederic Munch

Can you upload the rest of the code. Is there smth overwriting the animation later?!

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