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Fran Pérez
Posted Sep 06 - Read on Facebook

Why when dragging a page "out" of a pageComponent, the pageComponent.content moves and reposition itself? How can I avoid this?


Fran Pérez

Koen? thanks :)

Min-Sang Choi


Benjamin Den Boer

You should be able to fix this by defining constraints for your draggable layers, like: layerA.draggable.constraints = page.content.frame

Dennis Kerzig

A hacky solution would be using the former layers as invisible pseudo-layers after dragging them out.. What do you think?

Fran Pérez

Thanks guys, best solution I found is to make a subLayer of the page draggable, instead of page itself :)

Dennis Kerzig

But in your example above the subLayers are the draggable ones, aren't they? Would you post your working example for reference :)

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