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Josh Ackerman
Posted Oct 18 - Read on Facebook

Working on a series of prototypes for smart TVs. Here is a video of my first concept, stand notifications. Like on Dribbble:


Julian Camacho

a little too intrusive maybe?

Josh Ackerman

It is not intended to be just a reminder, more of a "get up and move now notification". The goal is to block content until the user walks, runs etc. It is meant to be intrusive and to force people to move. Obviously such a feature is only for the motivated.

Julian Camacho

oh, ok. I was imagining myself watching GoT and this notification showing up in an important moment, even if I activated it, it would piss me off a little haha

Marc Krenn

I'd strongly recommend adding a countdown timer before blurring out the whole screen, so that user can prepare for what's going to happen. And maybe people would even stand up in time, so there would be no need to pause/blur the content.

Koen Bok

You can see the edges become blurry because you run out of pixels. What you can do to avoid that is copy the layer you want to blur over it, scale it up so it overlaps the layer by the blur radius (but mask it) and then blur it. Tadaa, no nasty edges :-)

Marc Krenn

... or just use 'layer.blur.repeatEdgePixels = true'

(I'm kidding)

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