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JT DiMartile
Posted Sep 04 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone built a module for preventing access to a prototype? Could be an input field, or a clickable pin pad, but something that can't be circumvented with just viewing source?


George Kedenburg III

I've thought about building something like this with Parse but haven't gotten around to it...

JT DiMartile

Yeah, my issue is if I'm trying to keep something secure, but someone could just view source and see everything, it kind of defeats the purpose, so I'm guessing it's really just not possible.

Fran Pérez

JT man! embrace the openness of the world wide web :D

Ezzat Chamudi

Obsfucate? or record and make a video :)

JT DiMartile

Fran hahahahhahaah like it's up to me :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah you'd have to create some authentication with some service.

JT DiMartile

One of my smart friends here at google said something about 'you need to make a closure, something something and then the browser something something'... I'll let you know what comes of it.

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