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Koen Bok
Posted Sep 04 - Read on Facebook

This article by Andrei (past lead Photoshop designer) is a pretty great read about design, code and product work.


Holly Habstritt Gaal

I can really relate. Lingo used to feel like an extension of my thought process. (especially for MIDI + the "xtras" Director offered) I did do action script and front end dev for a bit afterwards, but also stopped prototyping in code for nearly 5 years because visual design and being an information architect became just a step in a linear process. Definitely have similar regrets as this article about those years, but there's always time to dive back in! It might be intimidating, but it's extremely rewarding to get your coding chops back.

Daniel Morosan

It's a great reading. I read it earlier today and reflected to my position. I was lucky in a way that I learnt first to code then it stuck with me throughout my graphic design course.

Jason Vestri

This dude is speaking my language. Thanks for sharing! This and your recent speech on being a maker has been really useful.

Stephen Crowley

THIS! ..and thank you for all the hard work guys!

Văn Công Bằng

What makes me want to learn to code, well, FramerJS. It costs me 2 days just to write a small module that create page indicators, the code is naive, sometimes dumb, but for a designer that only started to learn JS 1 month ago, it's something. And finally i know how a developer feels when he solves the problem.

Josef Richter

Well if he could script things like that back then using tools they had, he should have no trouble learning Framer and JavaScript. Programming paradigms and principles haven't changed that much since then, it's just different syntax and actually better tools these days.

Mauro Rego

Thanks for sharing it

Paul Van Slembrouck

totally agree times 1,000

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