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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Sep 02 - Read on Facebook

Have you already seen the new logo? Thoughts about the concept and applied animations?


Marko Vuletič

Their animations are so on point! They really perfected their presentations. 👌🏻

Văn Công Bằng

Looks like they're using html5 canvas.

Vladimir Shlygin

Nice typography at last! :)

Aaron Paterson

Looks ok. They spent alot of time working on the form which i like. Lets see what time will tell

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

loved the animations

Alfred Lui

I think it's good. More modern, cleaner and in-tune with their digital brand. The animation at the end to tilt the 'e' is playful and quirky, which connects well with the tech community. The fact that their CEO didn't geek out with an intern and made it over a weekend earns my bonus points.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Anyone else see homestar runner?

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