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Adem Ilter
Posted Sep 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers!
We put together a collection of Framer modules. Feel free to contribute!


Rıza Selçuk Saydam

No more reinventing the wheel 👌

Mohammed Morsi


Jiho Choi

Great Works! Awesome!!

Borja Miramón

That's awesome, thank you guys!

Koen Bok

Super cool!

Laura Galbraith

oooo! love it!

Andreas Wahlström

nice job! you should add some kind of category system to it before the list gets too long :)

Mohammed Elagouz

much thanks <3

Johannes Eckert

yes — could there be a bower way to get your module listed here automatically? And then Framer Studio can download and install it directly.

Kasim Te

Joon Won Lee

Stewart Pressney

Awesome Thanks!!

Seoh Char

great! is it using react-motion?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks for putting this together.

How do you judge what to include?

Burak Can

Seoh Char yup. You can see the source here:

Isaac Weinhausen


Campeón Victory

thanks man

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