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Javier Chávarri
Posted Aug 31 - Read on Facebook

I've created a iOS-based navigation component for Framer. I'm trying to make it simple to use (basically cloning iOS style and animations), but also easily configurable. I'd love to know your thoughts :)
/cc Josef Richter Văn Công Bằng


Jordan Robert Dobson

Seems similar to what Chris Camargo put together. Maybe you guys could team up!?

Văn Công Bằng

Awesome !

Chris Camargo

Nice! Yes, please feel free to take a look. I'm accepting pull requests.

Johannes Eckert

this is amazing! i'll try to use it in a next project that handles multiple screens...

Javier Chávarri

Jordan Robert Dobson Yes, actually everything started when I saw Chris' controller, but then I went down the rabbit hole :) Chris Camargo Right now there are multiple changes so I wouldn't know where to start creating a PR, any ideas?

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