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Arron J Hunt
Posted Aug 30 - Read on Facebook

After a few weeks of not being able to use modules, here's a video showing my struggles. This happens on both my Macbook and my iMac, on brand new Framer Studio installs...


Daniel Rakh

Hey trying using single quotes instead of double.

So: myModule = require 'myModule' instead of "myModule"

Aleksandr Sood'in

At least, I suppose, that should be possible to save project with any error, just by marking that "wrong" line as a comment for a while.

Arron J Hunt

Daniel Single vs double quotes, same issue :(

Billy Rukh

Are you on the latest version of Framer? Not having the issues on 1.13.41

Billy Rukh

And single and double quotes should not matter because once it is parsed by the interpreter they have the same context.

Arron J Hunt

Billy Yup, brand new installation of 1.13.41 (1599)

Matt Bond

What about on the beta?

Billy Rukh

Is your module system working properly outside of Framer? I created a sample project with underscore just npm install. If that works fine we know that you're module system is not the issue.

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