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Shrey Malhotra
Posted Sep 09 - Read on Facebook

A quick look at PlankJS - An incredible prototyping tool built in the cloud ! #plankjs PlankJS is powered by Framerjs, making you feel right at home ! PlankJS is still under production, but we are working hard to get it out soon. Hope it helps you to be more productive.

PS - If anyone is interested to help in a beta test, will be happy to send an invite before release. [ ]


Alexis Collado

Count me in :)

Daniel Rakh

Interesting. So is this Framer with a GUI?

Kyungsik Yoon

I'm in!

Joe Alfonso

Would love to try this!

Sarthak Pranit

Sure dude... looks cool.. count me in :)

Rebecca Wyatt

Would love an invite!

Seoh Char

How can I be invited?

Surbhi Bindlish

I would like to be a part as well.

Rich Zarick

Beta please!



Natasha Girotra

I would love to try this out..

Braden Hamm

Beta please!

Stephen Donaldson

Yes please , pick me!

Shrey Malhotra

Thanks everyone ! Now I feel even more excited to get this out sooner. Daniel Rakhamimov This is more than just a GUI layer over Framer. While framer is the the engine to Plank, it itself will work as an editor (like Unreal Engine used to power the editor). I am planning to add a real time collaborative environment for teams to work together. (This was one of the primary intention for me to build it). Also a drag and drop feature for already built modules (where people can contribute) too. All this without writing any code, the inbuilt compiler does it for you.

Anton Jarl


Giles Perry

Love to be involved with the beta

Jörg Linder

Looks interesting, would love to try it. Just one hint: on your website, you're saying "Until then, leave your email with us and we will let you know when we are ready !", but there is no form to be seen anywhere. Also, the contact link at the bottom doesn't work. If I were you I'd fix this, makes it look unprofessional (please don't take it the wrong way!)

Kevin Velasco

Can't really tell what it's about right off the bat. My guess is that it's a pixate + framer mashup of some sort. Looks interesting.

If you have any invites to spare, I'd love to poke around and break things (it's a beta, after all).

Florian Ludwig

Would love to try the beta!

Shrey Malhotra

Jörg Linder - Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We actually had it there before,with everything setup. But we were not sure if it was the right time to do it. Nevertheless, I have fixed it and added our contact email address too. You can now signup for an invite. Feel free to send in such reviews, love to fix them. Kevin Velasco: It wasnt meant to be a mashup, I made this since I use framer alot ), would love you to break it , so that we can fix it :)

Benedikt D Valdez Stefánsson

Looks promising, would love to try it out @Shrey Malhotra

Farid Kalirad

I would like to test it

Giovanni Caruso

Beta, pls!

Mark Simpson

I would like to test it :-)

Dan Clarke

Happy to beta! :)

Joseph Reni

looks pretty cool.

Timur Sultanov

Would be glad to test beta.

Денис Дрожжов

Me too!

Pol Kuijken

very interested!

Narek Khachatryan

I'm interested too

Nils Hoenson

I'd love to beta test as well. Very interesting!

Moni Zhuang

looks cool, count me in. thx

Brain Rush

Beta me, please!

Junhyuk Jang

interesting! please, let me in. thanks.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's a great idea but you guys need to hire a logo designer. That logo hurts my eyes.

Braden Hamm

But Jordan, it's PLANKS 😉

Shrey Malhotra

Will try to send out as many invites as we can :) ! Jordan Robert Dobson Thanks for the feedback ! But right now getting it out for beta is our first priority. Braden Hamm ;)

Jordan Robert Dobson



love to try it! (y)

Jeff B. Léonard

Shrey Malhotra - Can you send me a beta invite? [email protected]

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