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Tiago Joel Domingues Ferreira
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

Anyone here who uses directly the javascript library with atom? If so, do you use coffeescript or javascript? How do you export your designs from Sketch? Any tips you can give to someone who is just starting? (I am a programmer going into design, so it makes more sense for me to go Atom + Framerjs + Sketch, than Framer Studio + Sketch )


Florian Pnn

I began to use Atom again, because of the single file limit of FramerStudio.
I created a simple boilerplate working with Grunt :
It's working with Javascript but it's easy to switch to CoffeeScript.
For the export I do everything manually while building the screen, I find it easier and more lean than importing everything like the import feature of Sketch.

YoungIm Jo

I used to directly use Framerjs with sublime text(sorry it's not Atom!) - if you go to framer github , you can download Framer.js AND Framer Generator. I used to use Framer Generator to create framer layers and manipulated it with javascript, not coffeescript. It worked fine with that way. The point that would be better to keep in your mind is that the download link which is provided under 'Get started' provides a folder enclosing Framer.js and Framer Generator, but the version of Framerjs in that folder is not the latest version of Framer.js(I had trouble making & playing with Framer.js Scroll with that version). You can always separately download the latest build at the very bottom of that github page('latest builds').
TL;DR - Download 'Framer Generator' from github page.

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