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Mike Kotsch
Posted Jul 01 - Read on Facebook

I made a master vs. slave volume control. The premise is the following: I have three individual audio sources, which I can adjust independently. In addition, there is a master control, that overrides the slave controls – defining their maximum and minimum. Does the concept work for you?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice... really well done.

Mike Kotsch

I enhanced it slightly, setting the master to the average of all the slaves – since this gives a better impression of the current state of the slaves.

Jonathan Bowman

Mike, do you know how I can change an icon with a slider? I want to switch from a volume on icon, to a volume off icon-- depending on where the toggle is. End=Off Beginning=On.

Mike Kotsch

Hej Jonathan, I would make an if statement regarding the current position on the slider and change the icon accordingly. Do you have some code, that I could work into?

Jonathan Bowman

# Import file "volume on or off"
sketch19 = Framer.Importer.load("imported/volume on or [email protected]")

# Set background color
Screen.backgroundColor = "#00000"

# Create the constraints layer

slider = new SliderComponent
slider.knob.shadowY = 2
slider.knob.shadowBlur = 70
slider.knob.borderRadius = 100
slider.knobSize = 80
slider.width = 400
slider.height = 10

Jonathan Bowman

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