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Kai Daniels
Posted Aug 28 - Read on Facebook

Is there such thing as a "While" event in framer? For instance I have an area, and when I hover over that area more options appear on top of the area I have hovered.

I want to again hover on top of the options that have appeared but I don't want to have the original area to collapse because I'm not technically hovering directly above it while still hovering over the new options.


George Kedenburg III

this is pretty quick and i dont know what your layer structure is like, but I would probably approach this problem with something like this:

Kai Daniels


Kai Daniels

George, I've tried implementing your method but I think there is still the conflict of a MouseOut event of the menu with the MouseOver event of the options.

Here's my prototype:

Gabriel Lovato

It works if you have FAB and Inbox as children of InteractionArea

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