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Koen Bok
Posted Aug 30 - Read on Facebook

I did a presentation on making things and Framer at An Interesting Day.


Peter Hilgersom

Nice talk & a great beard.

Kushagra Agarwal

Please explain "An Interesting Day" :)

Daniël van der Winden

Kushagra Agarwal ;-)

Cem Yıldız

Nice presentation!

Ed Bok

: the job well told. Great Koen.

Kristoffer Brady

"Best city in the world" - Jorn

Ash Adamson

wooh! Go Koen!!!

Younghwa Kang

Nice speech :)

JL Flores Mena

Didn't expect the "Why Amsterdam?" question, now I'm really curious about what it would be like to work there...

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