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Cemre Güngör
Posted Aug 28 - Read on Facebook

Something I designed ended up not working with iPhone 4's, so I'm not making iPhone 4 prototypes. Realized Framer doesn't have any device images of iPhone 4 included by default. Anyone have any iPhone 4 device templates, so we can show them here for posterity?


Денис Дрожжов

You may write custom device settings for iPhone4 inside the code of your app like here. Also you should put iPhone 4 background image inside Framer Studio app (Framer Studio > Contents > Resources > DeviceImages):

Cemre Güngör

Thanks! Just what I needed.

Koen Bok

Jorn don't we have iPhone 4 artwork lying around?

Rich Zarick

Sorry to derail, but does anybody have experience using a custom device image when hosting a prototype on a server? The deviceImage property seems to refer only to the source directory in framer studio -> contents -> resources -> deviceimages

Jordan Robert Dobson

haha... Rich Zarick - Are we working on the same thing?

Rich Zarick

likely. I found a fix and edited framer.js at line 19848
if (Utils.isFramerStudio() && window.FramerStudioInfo) {
resourceUrl = window.FramerStudioInfo.deviceImagesUrl;
} else {
resourceUrl = "images";
images is the folder inside the framer project, and as a failsafe, window.FramerStudioInfo.deviceImagesUrl can be a defined variable inside your project :D

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