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Kai Daniels
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

I can't get the green layer to be the topmost layer, anyone know any solutions?


Joshua Tucker

Hi Kai! Looking at your code, it looks like you're trying to set "interactionArea's" z property to a huge number in an attempt to bring to front, is that correct? A layer's z property defines its placement in space, not its z-index (which is layer.index).

To solve your issue, I'd recommend looking into four functions – layer.placeBefore, layer.placeBehind, layer.bringToFront, and layer.sendToBack. Each of these will help you arrange layers in the hierarchy. You can also specify a layer's index explicitly like so:

layer.index = 5

All described in the Framer Docs –

How I solved your issue with your project is that right before you declared your animations and event functions, I put "interactionArea.bringToFront()".

Kai Daniels

Thank you so much!

Joshua Tucker

Kai Daniels Of course! Keep up the building, my friend.

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