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Sungin Hong
Posted Aug 31 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers!
Working on a PageComponent Prototype.
Thank you!


Kevin Cannon

Who's the photo of the guy in the hat? Looks like a friend of mine :)

Sungin Hong

Kevin Cannon Korea Favorite Singer ^^

Kevin Cannon

Ahhh, now I know where he gets his style-inspiration from!! :)

Mattias Alfborger

How did you capture this video? Just plain screen recording?

Sungin Hong

Mattias Alfborger QuickTime Player Screen recoding ^^

Christian Poschmann

This is amazing

Sungin Hong

Christian Poschmann Thank you!

Koen Bok


Sungin Hong

Koen Bok Thank you ^^

Chris Camargo

Sungin Hong, out of curiosity, how did you specify the long-press interaction?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Chris Camargo You could put it on a draggable item... then start a timer at the begining of touch... then on touchEnd look at the touch start and see if it's beyond a threshold... similar to what direction lock and direction threshold does.

Shawn Elson

Very nice Sungin Hong! Any chance we could get a look at the code? I'm a Framer novice and am trying to build a similar scroll/zoom control for a vertical scroll. Thanks!

Sungin Hong

Shawn Elson I am sorry I can not share this project .
I will share later developed .

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