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Joshua Tucker
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

Kinetics – a module to easily test spring animations on layers without re-compiling your code. Richard Burton and I demoed it a little while ago (, but we think it's in a good state to let everyone play with it! This is only the beginning!

Available from my GitHub – The README is a great resource to learn about how to use it effectively. I also put together a YouTube tutorial to explain it in more detail.

We are eager to squash every bug and make the experience even greater over time. Let us know all your thoughts!

Happy "Module Monday"!


Fran Pérez

Awesome work! (as always) :)

+1 for Framer to incorporate something like this :)

Billy Rukh

Awesome work!!

Rick Martin

+1 for the video explainer.

Joshua Tucker

For sure! Video made it much easier to explain.

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