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Johannes Eckert
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

need some javascript/coffeescript help:

Trying to create layers with a function and want to address those layers later by name. Is that even possible?

Or is my only option to create and store these in an object in window?


Johannes Eckert

this works, but seems less elegant

Johannes Eckert

actually, I answered my own question, and it seems perfectly fine doing it like that

Andreas Wahlström

you can also return box as the last statement in createSlider() and assign it to a variable. eg: numberOfColumns = createSlider(1200,224)

Johannes Eckert

Andreas Wahlström yesss! that's it.

Chad Lonberger

Assuming you ended up somewhere near this?

Johannes Eckert

yes, exactly Chad. works like a charm

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